Tate’s Physical Therapy

We just got back from the cabin and I had so much fun!  When I realized where we were going, I was so excited I started crying and pacing, and we were still like 20 miles away!  When we finally got there I ran straight down the hill to the lake but it was frozen!  I didn’t care; I broke right through the ice and had so much fun playing in the water.  Then I was with Dad by the pier and I walked out on the ice until Mom said, “too far” so I came back but then I fell through the ice near the rocks but no one would help me up and they just started walking away so I scrambled right up on the rocks and Mom and Dad told me I was such a good smart boy.

The next day was even better because it snowed!  I raced right down the hill again into the lake.

I ran all around playing.

I found a great big stick.

Then when I got tired, I just sat and looked at my lake.

Later on we went for a walk to the cemetery and I got to run around some more.

The next day was sunny and the snow started to melt.  Mom took me for a walk and we saw O’Leary and Alaska Mike and they said they couldn’t even tell..tell what, I don’t know but they both pet me.  Cody was barking on the porch so we left.  On the way home,  I was so hot in the sun, I was panting  and slowing down and Mom said she’d get me some water when we got back.  But I just ran down to the lake and drank all the water I wanted!  Silly Mom.

Because our little cove was frozen, Mom and Dad took me over to the boat landing and Dad said, “C’mon Tate, we want to see you swim.”  So I swam around a little bit but it was kind of boring, no sticks, no fish or anything.  So then we went back home.  They just wanted to see how I swim.  Duh!

I love our lake.  I wish we could live here all the time.

This was 6 weeks post-amp.  Up til this, he’d been “pretty good” but this was the first time he really was exuberant and running around.  I think he just needed a reason to get really excited about something.