Tate’s Little Sister

We had talked about getting a little sister for Tate for a couple of years and never acted on it so we figured if we’re going to do it, we’d better do it now.  So meet Sam.

Little Sister Sam

I don’t know why they did this to me, this little brat doesn’t know how to act.  She gets in my face and plays with all my toys without asking.  She takes up everyone’s time with her constant peeing and pooping and learning how to sit and stay and come and go.  I’ve growled more in the last week than I have my whole entire life.

But she is kinda cute.

Two Months…almost

At the two-month mark (okay, so I’m two days early), it’s easier to count the things Tate can’t do than can.  And none of them are important, but here goes anyway:

He can’t jump up into the Jeep but he can jump into the truck.  He’s much more comfortable now with being lifted up than he was at first…when Dad does it.  I have to lift half at a time; he’s not crazy about that.

He can’t dodge Loretta anymore, he falls down and then he doesn’t want to play anymore.  But he keeps going back for more, runs up to her front door and waits for someone to bring her out.

He can’t jump up on Grandma’s bed.  He shouldn’t be up there anyway, but she makes me help him up so she can properly spoil him.

He used to jump up on us whenever we hugged but he doesn’t do that anymore.  He still comes running though, and pokes his nose in between us.  “No affection around here without me!”

I finally figured out why he keeps on stopping when we go on walks.  He wants me to get far ahead so he can run and catch up, running is easier than walking.  Now it’s a game, he waits until I turn around to look for him before he comes running.  And really, when he’s running, you can’t even tell he only has three legs.  I can’t tell you how many people have said, “Oh my gosh!  I didn’t even notice!”

So that’s the latest Tater-Tot report.  And you know, it seems to me that he’s more affectionate, he snuggles into me now and he didn’t do that much before.  He’s just more of all the best of Tate.  Maybe we just appreciate him more.  Doesn’t matter, we are enjoying the heck out of him, and he’s enjoying life to the fullest.

As always, thanks to everyone for being there for us.

Tripawds Party

We all went to the lake front yesterday and I had so much fun!  Met lots of new dogs.

Here's Isabelle and me meeting
Here's Trouper and me
Here's me wanting to meet Ginger but some little monkeybutt intruder is in the way
I never really got to meet Holly because she was running around so much! Here's her mom corralling her.
Here's Isabelle with some purple thing they called Barney. I bet I could tear that thing up in about 3 minutes flat!
Here's a bunch of us. That human in the middle is not the Unibomber, it's my mom. On the left is Gary, Trouper's dad. On the other side is Cynthia, Isabelle's mom, and then Ginger's peeps, Brian and Annie. In front is Holly and Zuzu's mom, Susan, but she didn't know my Dad was taking a picture.
All those dogs are fun, but I like the lake better!
Did someone say "treat"?

All in all, it was an outstanding day!  I hope we do it again sometime soon.

Rick and I had a great time, too and really enjoyed meeting all the dogs and their peeps.  Tripawds peeps really are the best!