Tate’s Excellent Farewell Celebration (or Why Tripawds Peeps are the Best!)

Well, when the local Tripawds community heard the latest on Tate’s diagnosis, they said, “Hey!  The weather is going to be nice this Friday so let’s all go to the beach so we can play with Tate!  Let’s celebrate and be happy we got to be friends with Tate!”  So here’s Tate’s story about his Most Excellent Farewell Celebration of Life!

Eveyone tried to be there
The bouncy Cadence was there
The lovely Isabelle was there
My best girl Gingy was there
And of course, my little sister Sam was there

And MAN!  Did we PLAY!

After awhile, I got tired and had to take a break
When it was time to go, Aunt Cynthia let me use this warm and fuzzy robe. She didn't want me to get cold because I was all wet!

I felt so good and happy when our visit was over, and I got lots of special treats and toys.  Sammy and I ate Pup Corn on the way home (from Aunt Annie and Uncle Brian!), and then I had a good long nap.  Then I got up and had special lamb topping on my kibble (from Aunt Cynthia!) and more turkey.  Then I had another nap and Mom said my paws were running while I was sleeping.

 Today just proves that Tripawds people really ARE the best! 

Special thanks for Cynthia for arranging, to Brian for driving so far to bring Ginger (we missed you Annie!) and to Heather for bringing her camera (we’re looking foward to seeing your pictures!) and to everyone for showing up on short notice to make this part of the journey a lot more bearable.

Author: tatespeeps

Tate came to us in October 2007, was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma in February 2011, had a hemipelvectomy on March 15, 2011, and left us on November 28, 2011. He was 5 years old.

12 thoughts on “Tate’s Excellent Farewell Celebration (or Why Tripawds Peeps are the Best!)”

  1. what a glorious day for a wonderful boy. thanks so much for sharing the joy of it through all the wonderful pictures. hugs to you all.

    charon & gayle

  2. That is so totally PAWESOME.

    I’m so glad Tate had a great time. That’s the best.

    Please give Tate some extra hugs from me and extra kisses from Abby!
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  3. I am so happy that Tate and all of his peeps had such fun at his Farewell Celebration Pawty! What a wonderful way to celebrate Tate’s life and the hero that he is.

    Please give Tate some extra hugs from me and chocolate kisses from Charley.

    Hugs and chocolate kisses,
    Ellen & Charley xoxo

  4. To my Darling Tater Tot,

    I wouldn’t have missed seeing you for anything. You still impress me with your water skills, and I must thank you for defending my honor when that other dog tried to sniff me. My pawrents and I love you and we will be thinking about you and your peeps in the next few weeks. Please tell you people to keep in touch.

    Ginger Snap

  5. That looks like it was just the “bestest” day!
    I was fun to see pics of Isabelle, Cadence and Ginger…you are quite the “lady’s dog” and such a special fella!

  6. Hi Tate, Cadence and I are so glad we could make it on this most pawsome day. We had such a great time. You are so photogenic and especially handsome in your robe. I told your pawrents you looked like you should be sitting in an easy chair and smoking a cigar. You looked very esteemed and dignified.
    You definitely have no shortage of lady friends either 🙂
    Cadence sends her licks and tell your pawrents to give you plenty of head pats and hugs from me. You are all in our thoughts.

    Cadence’s Mom

  7. Aw Tate, I’m sorry we couldn’t make it to your pawty. Finchy would have liked to have met you. It looks like a fun time was had, and I am glad you got one more time in the water.


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