“The Tate Years”

“The Tate Years” drew to a peaceful conclusion today.  After Friday’s Celebration, he declined quickly.  The diuretics were no longer working.  This morning he made it clear he was ready and refused any more meds.

Tate was truly a blessing in our lives.  If I could think of one negative thing about him, one shred, I would latch onto it and say, “Well, at least I don’t have to put up with that anymore!”  But I can’t, he was perfect.  He was always obedient, whether he wanted to obey or not.  He was always happy, his tail always wagging.   He made everything better.  He made all our cabin trips more fun.   He brought so much joy to my mom when she was too incapacitated to enjoy much.  He taught us the importance of “Now” and so much more.  He was always, always there for us.

God’s gentle plan is evident all over Tate’s passing, starting with a sunny 57o on Friday for Tate’s Farewell Celebration, which was followed by a drizzly weekend in the 30’s.  He played a little with Sam on Saturday.  He slept most of Sunday.  Very early this morning, he cried for the first time.  He would take 2 Tram but no more.  He was able to make it outside and then hid under the low boughs of the spruce tree.  He refused to eat.  Rick was able to coax him inside, and we just spent time with him until the vet’s office opened.  We knew the clock was ticking, but we were able to get him in to the vet before the pain meds wore off and everything went okay.  So he went quickly and did not suffer.

Thanks to all of you for being with us on this journey.  Please don’t be sad, be happy that Tate came into our lives and changed us for the better.  He was our irreplaceable, good, smart boy.

“In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.”- Edward Hoagland

My Perfect Boy

Author: tatespeeps

Tate came to us in October 2007, was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma in February 2011, had a hemipelvectomy on March 15, 2011, and left us on November 28, 2011. He was 5 years old.

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  1. What a beautifully written tribute to your sweet boy! I wish I had had an opportunity to meet him. He sounds perfect! I am so happy that he got to have a wonderful day with you guys on the beach on Friday and that you got to have your special time with him. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to your heart dog. You gave Tate a wonderful life full of love and he knew you loved him all the way to the end.

    Sending you lots of hugs, and hoping to one day actually meet you to give you one face to face,


  2. What a wonderful rememberence for an incredible dog.

    A very, very handsome boy is meeting up with the Tripawd Hero’s who proceded him across the bridge.

    I am always amazed at God’s perfect timing.

    Thank you for sharing Tate with us and what a wonderful photo!

    the chauffeur

  3. Tate was truly loved and we know its so hard to say goodbye. I’m glad you got to spend a wonderful beach day surrounded by friends. We are sending you love and hugs from the Dalmatian Den.
    Bob, Julie, Samson and Lady

  4. I’m so terribly sorry. How lucky you were to have had each other, even if it wasn’t long enough.

    Hold his memory close and the “Tate Years” can be with you forever.

    Rhonda and Lincoln

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your boy. It sounds like he had a wonderful life with you. He was a beautiful boy and will be even more beautiful with his wings.

    He’ll always be there in your heart.

    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  6. so sad to know the gentleman tate has passed. as he was a blessing to you, know that you too were a blessing to him. his spirit remains strong, and he will always be with you, in your heart. love never ends.

    charon & gayle

    sammy says to give a hug to your sam from him, cause life without a big brother will be a little scary for a while.

  7. Run free beautiful Tate. You are a true hero! What a wonderful tribute to your sweet boy – he was truly special. He was blessed to have you! Xoxo Sue

  8. Your Tate brought so many smiles to so many faces (our’s included). He was truly a perfect boy — beautiful, happy and an inspiration to so many. He was one of our very favorite Tripawds — you guys joined “the club” at almost the same time as us, and because of that, we’ve always felt a closeness to him and his family. We will miss him so very much!

    Our hearts are with you tonight.

    Micki and Rio

  9. I am so glad that Tate got to have such a fun couple of days before it was time to go!
    I truly am going to miss him!
    Heart healing wishes until you meet again!
    Please scratch sis Sam’s ears for us!

  10. I’m so sorry to hear Tate has gone on ahead. But, I am so happy that he was well enough to enjoy a sunny day at the beach with his very best friends. Tate was a special boy. Your tribute to him was absolutely beautiful.

  11. Oh Jan,
    This is so heartwrenching. Tears flow for your sweet Tate. He brought us so many wonderful moments during his journey and I feel gifted to have gotten to know him through your loving words.

    I know it seems so unfair to lose him at such a young age. But I know in my heart it was meant for you and Rick to be his life, ever so short as it was…it was truly meant to be. The love he felt and the love he gave was enough to last a lifetime.

    I also believe in my heart that Tate brought you into all our lives for a reason. If I can take one good thing out of this terrible loss, it is that we have met. I am grateful for that.

    I know it sounds trite, but please know we are here for you – from the bottom of my heart I mean that. If there is anything we can do to ease the pain even just a tiny, tiny bit – please turn to us.

    Good-bye dearest Tate –
    You are going to be missed.


  12. I am so sorry for your loss. Tate had such a wonderful life with you, and it makes me smile to know that his last days were happy as well. You gave him an incredible gift by making sure he didn’t suffer. I send to you my very warmest thoughts (and a huge virtual hug) and hope that the hole in your heart gets filled up with the loving memories of your beautiful boy.


  13. We are sorry to hear of your loss, but glad that Tate had many happy days doing what he wanted to do. He was a beautiful boy, with those beautiful, expressive eyes.

    Dogs do go to heaven, and I know he is there now with his tripawds friends and without any pain.

    You gave him a wonderful life full of so many great, happy memories.

    We are here for you if you need to talk.

    Barb, Spirit Hope and Monkeybutt Mack

  14. Jan, my computer suddenly quit yesterday and I could not reply. You said not to be sad but it’s hard not to be. You loved him and now you will miss him. We will miss hearing about him and seeing the wonderful photos of him in the water.

    I will write more to you later when I get to a real computer. But please know that you guys have many friends here who have broad shoulders.


  15. This was a very beautiful about Tate. We were so sad to see your email about his passing on to the bridge but we know you have a lot of wonderful memories with him and he was so special and a hero. He is pain free, has earned back his leg and a beautiful set of wings and looking down on you both and Sam. Our pack feels privileged to have known him, even though it was for too short of time. Hugging you all and wishing you peace and comfort as you celebrate his life.


  16. I heard what you said and we know Tate would not want us to cry, he was always so stoic, but we just can’t stop the tears. Tate will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    We feel so blessed to have shared a small time in the Tate Years.

    Run free and swim far, our sweetest Tater Tot. You’ll always be in our hearts.
    Brian, Annie and especially Ginger

  17. I’m so sorry Jan, I just now saw this (I usually catch up on blog reading on Sundays). I knew about Tate but didn’t know you had posted….

    I won’t lie, we are sad. But at the same time, our hearts are lifted knowing that we were blessed to have Tate as part of this community. He was a great dog who touched all of us here, and we will miss him tremendously.

    Our hearts go out to you, we are very, very sorry. Please know the Tripawds family is here for you if and when you are ready.

  18. Thank you to each and every one of you. You have made the hard parts of this journey bearable and good parts extra-special.

    I’ve been telling all the new members that the amp recovery is not linear, there are ups and downs. And I’ve learned that healing after this loss is not linear either. So I still have tears but many smiles as we share our favorite stories about our good, smart boy. We try to be in the “Now”.

    Sam has been wonderful to have around. She is getting so well-behaved (she’s 9 months now) that she’s just a pleasure. Thanks to the Puppy Advisory Board! She’s sweet little cuddle bug that likes to lick my tears away. I guess God really does know what He’s doing after all. He does not promise a trouble-free life, but He does promise to be there with us.

  19. Oh sweet Tate we are so sorry for you to go on. You have been such a beautiful boy and blessing to everyone. What a wonderful life you had!
    So sorry to be late posting – I have been out of town.
    Sending biggest huggs & wags
    Joanne & Lylee

  20. I am sorry to read this. My heart goes out to you. Tate will be with you forever, maybe not in body but definitely in memory and spirit.

  21. I am so late in posting. I am so sorry for your loss. Tate was a true hero and I know that sweet boy’s memory is curled up in your heart. Hugs to you.

    nancy & butchey

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