The Best Grandma Ever

The doctor said that my Grandma is really sick and he can’t say how long it will be but they should talk to hospice (whoever that is!) and Mom is really sad so I thought I’d make this album of me and Grandma and maybe that would cheer her up.

I have the best Grandma in the whole wide world because she always just loves me and pets me and talks to me so nice.  When we go to visit, I run ahead and go straight to Grandma’s room and barge right in!  She’s always so happy to see me and wants me to stay overnight!  And she always has treats!  She likes to feed me a bunch of treats but Mom makes her give them to me one at a time.  Now that Sammy’s here, we take turns getting treats from Grandma.

Here are some pictures of me and my Grandma.

This is the very first time I met Grandma. I liked her right away!
Grandma likes car rides as much as I do!
See how much Grandma loves me?
This is a valentine I made for Grandma (my Daddy helped me)
Here's me waiting for Grandma to come downstairs so we could go out and play
Now Sam loves Grandma too..but not as much as I do


Author: tatespeeps

Tate came to us in October 2007, was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma in February 2011, had a hemipelvectomy on March 15, 2011, and left us on November 28, 2011. He was 5 years old.

10 thoughts on “The Best Grandma Ever”

  1. tate you are a lucky pup. what a great grandma you have, she is a true blessing to you and sam. we’re sorry she is not well, but i bet she is still smiling when she has thoughts of you!!! we’ll send our best ‘ET juju’ to you and your family – thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of this great lady.!!

    charon & gayle

  2. Tate, I’m so sorry to hear your Grandma’s not feeling well. From your photos, it looks like the two of you have a very special relationship. I bet she is happy every time she sees you, so you be sure to visit her as much as possible.

  3. Hey Tate, my good friend! I also had a grandma like that. She went to the rainbow bridge on July 11th this summer, and I am so sorry I won’t see her. She loved me, too. I’m so happy that you have your grandma for this summer. You need to love her a whole bunch, just like she does to you.

    If they’ll let you, would you snuggle in close to her ear and see if you can get a big whiff of her grandma smell, that really sweet and lovely scent that makes me swoon? Then maybe you can try to send it to me through some kind of telepathy. And then you’ll have a big snoot full of grandma, and it can last you a really long time to get you through. Love her up, Tate.

    Love, Dakota

  4. bee-be-beep-beep-beep…bee-be-beep-beep-beep…sending a big whiff of Grandma to Dakota…sending a big whiff of Grandma to Dakota!

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words.


  5. Tate, I’m sorry your grandma isn’t feeling so well. That makes me sad. Grandmas are the best, mine visited me this weekend because she heard I wasn’t feeling so good and that made me feel better. Thanks for sharing your grandma pictures, she looks like a great lady!

  6. Tate, your Grandma has a smile that lights up a room, she seems like a neat lady. I’m sorry she’s having problems with her health, but I know you can be there for her when she is not feeling good.

    Stay strong my friend, we are with you through thick and thin.

  7. Your grandma looks very sweet and like a super special lady. I am sorry to hear she doesn’t feel well. I hope you can give her some special Tate kisses. I bet that will make her feel better.

    I am sending some of my special kisses to you both,

  8. Tate and family,

    We are so sorry we are just responding to this. There is no excuse. We are so sorry to hear that your Grandma is not doing well. She sounds like the very bestest Grandma, and it is clear you have a very special relationship with her. Cherish these moments, my friend.

    Ginger’s Pack

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