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I love this so much, I had to capture it for all my visitors to enjoy.  The original is here:

Scroll down for more because they are just too good to miss.

A Tripawd’s Love Poem

by Dakota Dawg

My family’s kind, my family’s sweet;

They don’t care I have 3 feet.

I think today they love me more

than the time when I had 4.

They bought me lots of brand new stuff;

A pretty quilt with lots of fluff,

Some squishy food that tastes so good,

An ugly shirt that has a hood.

I try to walk and then they help,

and now I hardly ever yelp

unless my sore place gets bumped hard,

or I fall down in my yard.

I love my family ’cause they love me.

They even clap when I go pee!

I show love daily without fail;

I say it when I wag my tail.

This next one is for Abby.

Kicking Cancer’s Ass Cheer

by Dakota Dawg

 Ass kicking!
Ass kicking!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Butt licking!
Butt licking!
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Palladia goes in,
cancer goes out!
Jump all around and howl and shout!

Ass kicking!
Ass kicking!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

And an entry by the favorite Monkybutt.  If I knew what I was talking about, I would say that the simplicity of this poem is a stellar example of a very sophisticated haiku, revealing the emotional complexity of the author.


(Every Dog’s Poem)

by Evelyn

see! food!

food on the floor!

get it now!

i will eat it all gone!

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