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About our Decision

March 12th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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This is for my friends that might visit from elsewhere.  Not that we need to explain ourselves, but hoping to inform the general public about canine cancer.

1.  This website is for people like me, faced with a shocking diagnosis (Tate’s only 4!) and while amputation may be as horrifying for you as it was for us, these fine folks are living with it.  It is their “normal”.  And their dogs are happy and living wonderful doggy lives.

2.  My siblings and I watched my sister die of cancer.  She was able to make all her own decisions and died with dignity and grace.  We believe dogs deserve the same except we have to make the decisions for them so we’d best take it seriously.  So “take him out back and shoot him” doesn’t really work for us.

3.  Chemotherapy for dogs is about remission, not cure so the drug level and side effects are much lower.  If Tate gets too sick, we may decide to stop and just keep him comfortable and pain-free.

4.  If you own a dog (or a cat, ferret, gerbil, hamster, etc.), give him an extra hug today.  : )

5.  Special thanks to all of you with happy tripod stories and for those of you that are praying for us.  God gave us this burden for a reason and we’re doing the best we can with it.

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  • Dakota Dawg

    You have discovered the same thing I did, a few weeks ago: normal changes. And the new normal will be different but doesn’t have to be less fun or meaningful. If we mourn the loss of our old normal, we are choosing to let life’s pleasures in the new normal roll on without us.

    Dogs don’t care. They just want you to throw that ball one more time.


  • jerry

    Now that’s the attitude guys! As long as you can keep your heart open to what lies ahead and know that the purpose of this is to ensure a good quality of life, you will sail through this journey with all it’s ups and downs.

    We thank you for being a part of this community and sharing our amazing abilities and rich lives with those unfamiliar with Tripawdism (hey I made a new word!). Even those who don’t “get it” will be touched somehow, and they’ll never forget you.

    What pawesome folks you are. The world is a better place because of good pawrents like you. Thanks.

  • admin

    This is beautiful, and exactly why we created Tripawds Blogs. Thank you for sharing. Please accept our most sincere condolences for the loss of your sister.

  • fightingforsammy

    I know that the thought is hard, almost surreal to consider. BUT, I have to say that once you get going with this, you will be so amazed and happy to see how fast Tate will pick up on things. The first couple of weeks are usually awful, but then you will have your smiling puppy back.
    Our prayers are with you for a safe and successful procedure and for a lifetime together.

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  • krun15

    Hey Tate’s peeps,
    You guys sound ready to take on what is ahead.

    Check out this post on ‘normal’ :

    Karen and the pugapalooza

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